Growing up with a dad passionate about the outdoors and gardening as a hobby, Joel watched and learned from a young age the art of creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes. His dads passion for landscaping was passed to Joel and he took the advice of many mentors as a young, entrepreneurial adult to "do what you are passionate about".  Sutton Landscaping started with a financial plan of no starting debt and low business overhead, creating the ability to constantly reinvest back into the business and grow very quickly. Using a plan of mainly referral based business and steady organic business growth over the past 6 seasons we now run 2-3 full crews most of the year and take care of over 100 area residential and commercial customers lawns and landscapes annually. We have been extremely blessed in our business and have always given thanks to God for our business success. We are extremely thankful for the amazing customers that we have the honor of serving every day and the great staff that makes up the Sutton Landscaping team and who work hard to complete each and every job in accordance with our core values and mission

The mission at Sutton Landscaping is to provide high-quality, cost effective and well-planned annual services to assist in creating and maintaining beautiful residential and commercial properties with a commitment to complete customer satisfaction through clear communication, integrity, excellence, consistency, and professionalism.

  • "Sutton Landscaping has been taking care of my yard for about 5 or 6 years. They do a wonderful job. I could not ask for anyone better. The guys are very nice and very friendly." - Shelby Ingram

  • "Simply Excellent customer service. Joel delivers 100% on his estimates and quotes. His staff is courteous and professional. I have used them for three lawn yard projects and am completely satisfied. It is refreshing to get what you pay for and to be pleased with every result." - Sharon McCormick

  • "We HIGHLY recommend Sutton Landscaping! They did a fabulous job! Would definitely call them again" - Mary Spinelli Koontz

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